Press material & press tours for journalists

If you need any press material or press information about our Music Tours, please send an email to presse(at)

If you are a journalist, editor, author, writer or blogger and want to do research about any specific artist, band, location or Berlin’s musical history or present scene - we can help you out with this work. Therefore we can arrange press tours for your special needs and give you background information and contacts that might be useful.

Usually we organise these press tours in cooperation with our partner from VisitBerlin press office. Please send your request for a press tour with us to this email: presstrip(at) and give VisitBerlin the necessary information about your musical Berlin topic. They will need an editorial assignment, your medium, planned release or publishing period etc.

The press office can also help you out with any personal needs you might have for your Berlin trip or advise other touristic activities fitting your research.

Tour Reviews & Reports

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Participant feedback

If you joined one of our Music Tours and would like to send a feedback, please use our facebook tour site.

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